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America's Friendliest

Welcome to the Drive with Julius  about us page. On this page you can find Julius's Bio . With our dedication to staying transparent, we  think current and future Drive with Julius family members will appreciate knowing a little bit more about America's friendliest car salesman! We believe buying a car is an important decision. How many times have been able to get familiar with your sales person before you reached the dealership? Unfortunately  the answer is probably not often or maybe not at all. So we have decided to include a Bio about Julius so that we can briefly get acquainted . We have also included a chat feature where you can message Julius directly.  "I appreciate all of you for taking the time to visit this website and taking  time out of your day to get to know me. I really appreciate it and I look forward to seeing all of you some day!"- Julius Brown

Julius is a Missouri native born and raised in the Kansas city area, that is where he calls home. With him being is a true Midwesterner, When he is not selling cars it is not uncommon find him exploring nature. Whether  it is hiking, fishing, hunting,  or any one of many outdoor activities.

         When he is not exploring the great outdoors or serving in his local church he likes to spend time being a mentor/Big Brother to his Little. Julius is very involved with the Kansas City Big Brother Big Sister program. Out of all of his achievements being a Big Brother is definitely one of Julius's  proudest.

          Julius considers himself to be very blessed and is very grateful for the opportunities afforded to him, and all though selling cars can be very time consuming. It is very important to him to give back and make a positive impact in his community. "Selling cars is cool but making someone's day is even better, luckily I get to do both everyday"-Julius Brown. Julius is currently 26 years of age and looks forward to being able to do even more as he progresses through life!

  From all of us here in the ever growing Drive with Julius family, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this short excerpt about America's Friendliest car salesman Julius Brown. We look forward to seeing you!

      The automotive community is a very important part of Julius's life. He has experienced many different aspects of the industry. From turning wrenches recreationally and professionally, building customers cars to his own. He is well versed in all things automotive. But by far selling cars is his favorite. His vast knowledge with vehicles, means that he has an innate understanding when it comes to solving his clients complex needs! Although he  no longer services cars professionally. It is not unusual for him to get his hands dirty in a Hawaiian shirt and jeans  making "modifications" to the "Drive with Julius Mobile" on the weekend.  To wearing his blue blazer and slacks on Monday on the showroom selling cars. Julius is truly enthralled with all things automotive!

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