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DrivewithJulius's First Blog post!

Welcome to the official DrivewithJulius blog we are so happy to announce the launch of our blog. We will be posting Bi-weekly, please bear with us as we are relatively new to this platform but we will be rocking and rolling in no time! Below you can find the type of posts that will be posted here.

  • Automotive news

  • Reviews

  • Car buying tips

  • Progress updates

  • Projects

  • And more


You will be able to leave things like comments and likes on all of our post. All we ask is that you keep the comment section respectful, we appreciate the occasional constructive criticism but we have ZERO tolerance for hate/ disrespectful speech. Now, that we have gotten that out of way please have fun and enjoy our posts. If you would like to bring something to our attention the best way is to email us at

Unique perspectives

In the spirit of keeping things transparent when it comes to our blog post they will be opinionated unbiased. We believe in accurate and honest dialogue, with that being said if you would like us to review your service or product please feel free to reachout to and we can discuss possible collaborations!

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